Tractor Loaders

Tractor Loaders

The industry-leading 570NXT loader tool carrier delivers power, performance and versatility.  Featuring a Tier 4 Interim engine with CEGR technology, Case tool carriers increase fuel efficiency by at least 5% while also providing faster response times. The 570NXT tool carrier is designed as a dependable industrial loader, completing jobs that other loaders simply cannot.  With a fully integrated operating lever and an ergonomically design operator station, you will never feel the fatigue of a full day’s work.


Recent News

20 Sep 2012

The Case 570N XT loader/tool carrier achieves Tier 4 Interim certification through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology and a diesel particulate filter. The Case 570N XT combines proven emission-control technology with a slightly smaller, more efficient engine to achieve better fuel economy

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